Matchmaker Spotlight: Julie Spira

Fast Company’s “Top 100 Most Influential People in Social Media” 

Meet Julie Spira!  Julie is a bestselling author and one of America’s premiere online dating experts and digital matchmakers. Julie is based in Los Angeles and has clients from New York to San Francisco and from London to Sydney.

What Makes Julie Unique?

Julie saw the digital dating revolution coming long ago, set her sights on cyber, and never looked back.  In fact, she created her first online dating profile over 20 years ago.  Back then you were noshing on Cap’n Crunch and watching SpongeBob, but Julie was hot on a trend that has since taken over the dating world. 

What Joan Rivers Said about Julie

Julie is the author of the bestselling book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating — a tell-all memoir covering her personal experiences on over 250 online dates.  Joan Rivers loved it so much she said, “Hilariously Funny! Singles of all ages need to read this book.”  Check out Julie’s book on Amazon.

A Tip from Julie: What to Do if Your Guy Only Wants to Text?

You’ve been there before.  You meet a guy, the first date goes great, and so does the second… and then bam.  You start dating your phone. He never calls – he only texts.

But what if you like talking on the phone?  Would it awkward to just say, “Hey buddy. Call me.”   Yeah, probably so.

Here’s a tip from Julie on how to finesse this situation and fire-up that ringtone romance.  July says to tell your guy, “You know, I really love hearing the sound of your voice before I go to bed at night. It makes me go to sleep thinking about you.”  We took a highly scientific poll amongst the fellas here at 2Truths and the results were unanimous. Phone time equals your girl dreaming about you?  We’d call!

Where to Find Julie

You can check out the latest and greatest from Julie Spira at CyberDatingExpert, or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Stay tuned for more Matchmaker Spotlights to come!