The 3 Most Popular Lies


“I’m a twin.”

Let’s face it twins are great. Triplets? Even better. Heck, why should anyone go through the trouble of making babies to make another you when you can just fast-track the process at birth? 

Whether it’s the fascination with twins, or the inherent difficulty in knowing if someone is lying about being a twin – the results are in, and “I’m a twin” is a top lie on 2Truths.

So, like any good application, we’re now recruiting nothing but twins to round out our user base and make the guessing more difficult. For reals.


“I’m a huge fan of coffee!!”

Whoa down tiger, one exclamation point will suffice – you already said “huge fan” after all. And that’s the kicker. If you want to spot a lie on 2Truths, look no further than the extremities… not yours, theirs.

Lies can be easy to spot if you look for the right clues… “I love,” “I hate,” “I’m awesome at,” “I’m terrible at.” Look for people locking in a statement with so much self-assured truth that it can only be… a lie 😉


“I have 4 tattoos and 3 piercings.”

Now that’s specific. Is it 4 and 3, or 3 and 4? And while we’re at it, how many birthmarks do you have?

Yes, one of the biggest tells on 2Truths is “unusual specificity.” Overly specific statements can only mean one of two things:

  1. This person’s head will explode if you say you’ll meet them “around 7ish.”
  2. They’re lying through their meticulous little teeth.

Answer: B


We’re loving seeing all of your clever statements on 2Truths, so keep ‘em coming!

And if you’re still wondering what all the buzz is about, download 2Truths today and see for yourself!