2Truths is the dating app that makes it fun and easy to start a conversation with someone new.

Based on the age-old icebreaker game –Two Truths and a Lie – 2Truths solves the biggest problem facing online dating: lots of matches, but few meaningful interactions.

2Truths turns that first encounter into a game and helps you break the ice. Check out someone’s profile, try to guess their lie, and match the people you like best! 2Truths is a better way to meet… fingers crossed!


2Truths in 5 Headlines


“The first icebreaker to hit online dating.”


“New dating app cuts through the clutter in 3 sentences.”


“2Truths does for conversation what Tinder did for matching.”


“The first dating app with a sense of humor.”


“Online dating just got way less creepy.”


A better way to meet. Fingers crossed.


Create meaningful connections for people by making it fun and easy to start a conversation with someone new.



  1. Sign-up with ease using your Facebook account.

  2. Upload photos from Facebook, from your phone, or take new pictures.

  3. Write two truths and one lie about yourself, our suggestion feature makes this fun and easy.

  4. Check out a person’s profile and try to guess their lie!

  5. Match with only the people that interest you, don’t worry matching is anonymous.

  6. If somebody likes you back, it’s a match!

  7. Ask them about their two truths and get the conversation started!







Erik Nielsen, CEO


+ Inventor of the board game LINQ™, winner of “Game of the Year” nomination – International Festival of Games: Cannes, France (2010).

+ Former SVP, Brand Strategy Director at Young & Rubicam ad agency.





Tyler Adams, COO


+ Currently starring in The Amazing Race (CBS, Season 26)

+ Former Consultant at GEP, a leading Fortune 500 Operations and Procurement advisory.





 Manuel Zamora, CTO


+ Creator of the app, “Today In History”, TIH, with over 10,000,000 downloads.

+ Former senior iOS developer TextPLUS; texting/chat app with over 100,000,000 users worldwide.





 Sanjay Kumar, CFO


+ Head of Business Development, The Oprah Winfrey Network

+ Former Business Development Manager, Napster




Dennis McMurray, Head of Business Development


+ Managing Principal at Bridge Wealth Management Group

+ Former Wealth Manager, Merrill Lynch





2Truths is the second app from the same team that won Startup Weekend Los Angeles in 2014 – Startup Weekend is the world’s largest competition for Startup ventures. The team won with their app, “HORSE – The Ultimate Video Challenge.” 




“On other dating apps I have tons of matches, but it’s so hard to start a conversation. 2Truths gives you something to immediately start talking about!”

Kelly, Santa Monica, CA


“It’s incredible how much you can learn about someone’s personality and sense of humor from three simple statements, especially when one of them is a lie!”

Chris, Tampa, FL


“Playing the game of guessing someone’s lie is so fun, getting a match is just a bonus!”

Britney, Denver, CO