2Truths: Product Edition!

Which two products are real… and which one is fake?

The Baby Mop


We’ve all asked ourselves this question:  “Should I let Junior crawl around on this dirty floor?”

But maybe, we haven’t asked ourselves the right question:  “Should I let Junior clean this dirty floor?”

Now there’s a product that makes cleaning a snap, and starts to build your child’s resume all at once.  It’s Baby Mop!

Also known as “The Human Roomba,” this ingenious device is taking the wearables market by storm.  Simply strap it on, step back, and watch as your child cleans his way to your heart.*

(*Baby sold separately.)

The Shower Coffee Maker


There’s nothing worse than having to wake up.  Now add the stress of having to shower and brew coffee?  When did life get so hectic?

Finally there’s a product that takes control of your morning routine and puts some zip in your step.  Meet “Bathe & Brew,” your bathroom barista. Why not brew up some extra time each morning while you enjoy cream with your conditioner? 

Bathe & Brew works with your existing shower to serve-up the Joe while you clean the Johnson.  And a simple-to-use touchscreen keeps you informed of both your shower water AND coffee’s temperature!  

Soup Splash Guard: For Serious Connoisseurs (With Long Hair)


Finally, a product that understands the struggle of the true soup enthusiast (with long hair). 

No more will you have to awkwardly dig through your purse for a scrunchy to tie your hair back, only to have soup still splatter on your freshly pressed collar.

Soup Splash Guard is here.  And by the looks of the first version, SSG is poised to take a big bite out of the culinary and fashion worlds alike.

Simply adorn your face with the SSG’s snuggly fitting petal design, and get back to enjoying soup the way you used to – when you had short hair.









Can you guess the lie?

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